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You can let us know your needs via the order page. We will then review them and write or call back (according to your preferences) to you with more information on how we could help you. We will be happy to assist and guide you through various options of the equipment while deciding upon additional equipment. You are welcome to fill the order form only if you are interested in the price and still deciding on some other available options (there are not that many).


In the order, please state where you are located, as it changes the delivery costs. We can offer the price of the equipment at our site, as well as together with all the shipping and additional taxes, thus so that you know what is the actual price of the equipment in the end.

We can provide the equipment all over the world; let it be European Union countries (UK, Germany, Finland, Sweden), USA, Canada or Australia. Please contact us via the contact form to get your price.

Delivery to USA, Canada, and other countries outside of Europe

As a European producer, we understand that any additional distributors in your country would give the higher credibility and better understanding of our product, while at the same time it would increase the end price to you.

While in order to keep the cabbage shredder equipment still competitive, we have opted to avoid the distributor in your specific country at the moment and thanks to globalization, we have arranged that equipment can still be delivered to your specific location. Thus we can help to deal with all the necessary additional documents for importing (taxes, customs, logistics, etc.).

While if you have time and patience and also skills in importing, then you are welcome to deal with it on your own and we can provide the price without costs of transportation and other related bureaucracies.

​Contact us for more information

Delivery time

On average 4-5 weeks to any place in the world. After the payment, we start producing of the equipment, and it usually takes 1-1.5 weeks. Afterward starts the time for the delivery of the equipment. If you are located in European Union, it will be faster – around 2-3 weeks, while if located in the US, Canada, then delivery usually takes place around 3.5-5 weeks.


We accept only prepayment. We understand that it is more risk at your side, but otherwise, we would not be in the business anymore. After we receive the prepayment, we start to produce the equipment and on average it takes 1-1.5 weeks. Other weeks are needed for delivery time.

Best offer:
Please submit inquiries by e-mail, with a description of your needs and we will send you in reply, what we would suggest to you and what would it cost in total.

Have a question? Feel free to contact us!