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Electric food boiling kettles 90, 120, 150 liters

Double-walled boiling kettle. Thanks to the indirect heating system, where heating is made via glycerin heated by electric heaters – there is no need for installation to any pipes, just connect to electricity and you can start working.
Indirect heating avoids direct contact of the heater with the cooked dish, which prevents it from burning. The kettle is used in many food industries – vegetable preparation, brewing, meat processing, restaurant, and fast food industry.
General Features:
  • The kettle is made from food-grade stainless steel
  • Volume from 90-150 liters.
  • Indirect heating prevents products from burning(products are heated from all kettle sides).
  • Maximal temperature, that can be reached in the product is +120 C degrees.
  • Can be equipped with mixing elements;
  • Easy to clean, can be washed with low-pressure water;
  • Tap for product outlet;
  • Wheels with a fixation for easy transportation.
  • Simple controls and no need for yearly service, only change electric elements when required (because heating is done via glycerin heating elements last very long);
  • For different electrical connections and feel free to ask us;

Technical information

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