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The conveyor is used for harvesting cabbage and other vegetables from the field on a trailer, to containers.
When harvesting, handling conveyor may be used from 4 to 8 people.
3 - 6 of people are cutting cabbages and placing on a conveyor, while 1 to 2 persons receiving it at the end and place to containers. After filling the boxes, move the conveyor to fill following boxes. The receiving operator cabbage on a trailer can adjust the speed of the conveyor.

Durable aluminum construction. The conveyor is made of non-corrosive elements (aluminum, stainless steel, plastic) by which its life is very long. The belt can be reinforced with higher plates, to collect large cabbage heads.

The conveyor belt is made of a plastic material approved for contact with food.

Mounting: The conveyor belt rests on the edge of the floor of the trailer, while the other part is fixed by chains. The conveyor can be fixed on the usual trailer.

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