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Conveyor for sauerkraut

This belt conveyor is designed to work in silos.
It is equipped with a conveyor frame and can be fitted to the wall of the silo. Frame allows you to move the conveyor and change the angle of work. The conveyor is equipped with rollers with a regulation that allows them to fit any width of the wall.
The frame is mounted on the wall by the unit 4 of guide rolls made of a plastic material resistant to the aggressive environment. Such arrangement provides the ability to freely move the conveyor on the edge of the wall and select sauerkraut with the entire surface of the silo. Conveyor frame is made from stainless steel, the belt is made from plastic that is approved for contact with food, rollers are made from plastic material resistant to the aggressive environment.

Conveyor very easily assembled and disassembled. Thanks to its low weight to this operation two people enough.

The table is designed for packing fermented foods (like sauerkraut, pickled cucumbers) to suitable packages (bags, jars, buckets). Perforated top drains all excess juice by gutter drip. Can be connected with barrels for excess juice collection. Manual product loading on the table (recommended with stainless steel forks). Table are accessible from both sides. Are made in with checking scales or w/o them.

Technical information

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