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The Vegetable Cutting Machine is a high-productivity device that allows you to cut your vegetables with minimal manual intervention. Most machines can be used as standalone units, or in a production line. Our cutting machines feature a compact design and are capable of processing 500-7500 kilograms of vegetables per hour.

It's an excellent solution for small and middle production facilities, vegetable whole sellers, restaurants, grocery stores, and more. Cutting vegetables is a time-consuming process. Our Vegetable Cutting Machines make this task as easy as turning on the machine, loading the vegetables into it, and pressing one button to begin. Stainless steel, hardened knives are intended for long production time w/o sharpening. Minimal investments are required to run and service the machines.

Machines are excellent for cutting cabbages and can cut whole or ½ of the cabbages. Processing lines can be equipt with manual or automatic cabbage core drills, automatic salting, adding grated carrots, beets, etc.

  • Mainly used in coleslaw salad, kimchi, sauerkraut production
  • Carrot, beet, potato julienne stick cutting and grating
  • Cheese grating
  • Pet food production
  • Pharma production etc.
Sliced vegetable sample