Automatic cabbage core drill KU-2400

The cabbage coring machine provides the ability to cut cabbage core out of the head or more often, crush the stalk (then there is an opportunity to use raw materials 100 percent, it is also useful for the quality of sauerkraut). Combined electric and pneumatic power.​

General Features: 

  • All materials that come in contact with products are made from food-grade materials
  • Productivity is up to 2400 heads per hour
  • Two coring lines
  • Can be used to cut irregular shape cabbages also
  • Easy to clean, can be washed with low-pressure water;
  • Can  be equipped with wheels with a fixation for easy transportation;
  • Can work separate as well in line with cabbage shredder SS80
  • Various electrical connections and standards available on request;
​Technical information
ProductivityUp to 2400 cabbage heads per hour
Air pressure0,8 MPa
Pressured air consumption1,2 Nm3/h
Core drills2
Adjustable transporter speedyes
Electric connection220 V/400 V, 50-60 Hz
Engine power1500 W
Dimensions2850 x 880 x 2300 mm
Weight350 kg

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